In 1971 when Srila Prabhupada was in Malaysia he appealed to the wife of Tun Sambanthan (a leader amongst the Indian community) to help him build a temple in Malaysia. As Prabhupada showed her an outline of a 3 domed temple – similar to several structures in Vrndavana, he said “I WANT A TEMPLE LIKE THIS”. Nothing came of it, but the memory of Srila Prabhupada’s wish never faded. We would like to think that the opening of this amazing temple will be pleasing to our beloved Srila Prabhupada, fulfilling his desire. It is solely by his mercy alone that it has been possible.

After many years of dedicated endeavour the largest Krsna temple in Malaysia was opened on August 29th 2015, the auspicious day of the appearance of Lord Balarama. Located in Seberang Jaya, Penang State, the beautiful octagonal temple attracted as many as 15,000 on the opening day. Besides the attractive temple room, there is a very enterprising exhibit museum on the mezzanine floor, designed and developed entirely by the temple youth group. Large Deity kitchen and paraphernalia rooms are included to serve the Deities and in time it is hoped to develop the ground floor for auditorium and various exhibits.

At the same time a magnificent cultural hall was opened, comfortably seating 500. Other features of the second building include a very large well-equipped stage, 10 guest rooms, conference rooms, mezzanine floor, rooms for vanaprasthas and a large area for serving prasadam,

The one acre site was purchased from the State Government of Penang for non Muslim religious purposes and specifically for the building of a Radha Krsna Temple. Kalesh prabhu – the temple president for the project, has worked on the design and all aspects of the building since its inception. Simhesvara prabhu – the regional secretary for Malaysia – was the main brain and inspiration behind it. Many devotees contributed large sums of laxmi to see it completed and worked tirelessly to see it a grand success.